Driven high pheasant shoots

We have been organizing driven high pheasant shoots for a number of years.

These hunts are based on the traditional high-bird days seen in England and our birds are mainly reared in English release pens, meaning they are free to fly in and out as they wish.

8 to 10 guns ideally, minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12.

Prestige Driven Days (from 15/10 to 15/12), 600 birds and more.

Large Driven days (from 15/10 to 15/12), 300 to 500 birds.

End of season Driven days

From December 15, we will reintroduce adult birds which will join the remaining birds (bred on the territory and not hunted during the prestige hunting season).

Walked up pheasant days over dogs are also available upon request.

A hunting break at La Verrerie will be a memorable experience for any hunter, regardless of your experience, everything at La Verrerie is done to create a great atmosphere and ensure that everyone has an unforgettable day!



A Typical Day

8:30 am – 9:00 am: Briefing and breakfast at the chateau

9:30 am: Hunting starts – 4 drives in the morning (including one duck drive)

1 p.m. / 1:30 p.m..: Lunch at the castle

2 or 3 Drives in the afternoon

5 / 5.30 p.m..: Presentation of the day’s bag followed by refreshments

Expected bag

Minimum 300 birds per day.

On average 400/500, possibly even up to 700 birds.

The day’s bag should be composed of 85% to 100% pheasants and 0 to 15% ducks and partridges.



To keep the estate tidy, we kindly ask that everyone uses either fibre or photodegradable wads. The estate can provide cartridges on request (please specify this at the time of booking your day).

Hunting licenses

Each gun must present their hunting license which must be valid for the Cher department (18) for the current shooting season as well as their shooting insurance upon arrival. Without these documents, you will not be able to take part in the day.


All guns are expected to be respectful of the rules of the day stated in the morning briefing. Any guns that fail to comply may be asked to stop shooting and return to the castle for the remainder of the day.


Dogs must be kept on a lead during the drives. You are permitted to pick up at the end of the drive with your dog. Please make our pickers up aware you intend to do this before the drive.